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Cosmetic Dentistry

“Cosmetic dentist (noun), a man who puts makeup on your teeth.” Not really; that was a verbatim answer I got from my 9-year-old nephew. But “tooth” be told (his pun-centric humor rubbed off on me), cosmetic dentists are any dentists you know. That’s because cosmetic dentists require no formal training, like orthodontists, for example. If the true definition of cosmetics is “of or for the making of beauty”, and all dentists are cosmetic dentists, even a 9-year-old can conclude that all dentists exist to make you beautiful.

 What better place to find a cosmetic dentist than downtown Los Angeles, where actors stride down sidewalks, checking out their faces for imperfections in every passing reflective surface. Services for cosmetic dentistry can not only make you beautiful, but improve your health dramatically, at least for your mouth.

If you ever cringe while removing a yellowish crayon from the Crayola box, you may be self-conscious of off-white teeth. Teeth whitening is usually a single-visit procedure and can make people you talk to require sunglasses just to see your glowing white smile.

Thin plastic or porcelain, both white and shiny, can be carved into dental veneers to fit in front of your tooth to transform its color or shape into what you desire.

Dental implants replace a missing tooth or teeth where it or they once belonged. So if you’re not a fan of dentures, forget Florence Henderson and her Polident.  Dental implants are your choice! But don’t really forget Florence Henderson; she’s wonderful. She also walks through downtown Los Angeles occasionally, so say hi if you see her.

Gum lifts are corrections to your uneven or prominent gum line. You can work with your dentist on how much or little gums you want to show with your smile.

Tooth-colored fillings are composed of porcelain fillings that match the color of your teeth. Out with the silver fillings and in with the white!

Ask your cosmetic dentist for more information regarding how much the procedure costs, how computer imaging can preview the cosmetic changes and your look, how long each procedure lasts, and how many visits (sometimes just one!) you should plan to make to downtown Los Angeles.

Remember, all dentists are cosmetic dentists. Some even have credentials from fellowship and master programs, like those offered by the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry. These aren’t necessary to make you look beautiful. All it takes is a caring professional and a winning smile!